Career in Software Testing become a right choice for number of candidates entering in I.T. companies. Candidness need to do Software Testing course then they can work as QA Analyst or Software Tester. Firstly, Software Testing career can be chosen by any graduate including Engineering, Computer Science or other faculty. Secondly, Software Testing has huge requirement in I.T. company. Thirdly, and Most importantly, Every company need Software Tester to keep quality control of their product. And Therefor Software testing is easy task compare to developer as it does not require much programming.

We at I-Tech System offer best course in Software Testing than any other institute because of experienced and professional trainer. However, ee do have option for Manual Software Testing Course and Automated Software Testing Course.  After completion of the course we provide placement assistance. Most of our students have got jobs in leading I.T. companies.

Diploma in Manual Software Testing


2-1/2 months

Why Our Software Testing course is best among all other institutes?

  • Job oriented training
  • Resume Building
  • ISTQB Certification preparation.
  • Domain knowledge of Shopping Application, ERP Application, Mobile Application
  • Hands on experience with Live Project, 3 Manual
  • A wide range of scope in the market

Course Content

  • Software Testing Introduction
  • Types of Testing
  • Software Testing Life Cycle
  • Test Cases &Test Plan
  • Quality Control
  • Performance testing with JMeter
  • Open Source Project
  • Build & Release Bug Life Cycle Defect Tracking
  • Test Data Management Client—Server Test Open Source Project
  • Live Application /Open Source Project
  • Test management tool
  • Defect tracking tools
  • Deriving Test Cases from Use cases
  • Test Case Design Techniques
  • Write/Review/Execution of Test Cases
  • Logging defects and Summary Reports
  • Writing of Testplan And Test effort estimation
  • Interview Questions and more.

ISTQB Preparation

  • Fundamentals of software testing
  • Testing throughout the software lifecycle
  • Static Testing
  • Test Design techniques
  • Test Management
  • Tool support for testing
  • Calculations of CC(Cyclomatic Complexity)
  • Statement Coverage
  • Branch Coverage
  • Decision Coverage and relationship between them
  • Exam Preparation
  • Solving Q/A based on topics

Advanced Automation Testing


1-1/2 months
  • Basics of lava
  • First application
  • Flow control & operators
  • Java Class  and OOPs
  • Arrays, Packages
  • Modifiers, Interface
  • Exception handling
  • Multithreading, package
  • JDBC
  • What is automation testing
  • Advantages of Automation Testing
  • How to learn any automation
  • Selenium Launch
  • Why Selenium and Selenium
  • Difference between selenium and other tools
  • Types of Automation tools
  • Selenium Components
  • Launch of selenium Components
  • Java in Selenium?
  • Selenium WebDriver Launch
  • WebDriverVs RC
  • Manage and get WebDriver with Eclipse
  • Downloading WebDriver Jar files and configuring in eclipse
  • Architecture of selenium webdriver
  • Selenium Browser Commands
  • Selenium NavigationCommands
  • Firepath and firebug Add-ons installation
  • Inspecting elements in Mozilla, Chrome and IE
  • First Program on selenium
  • Verify Page title in Selenium Webdriver
  • Navigation in selenium
  • WebElement Interface
  • Radio button and Checkbox in Selenium Webdriver
  • Handling AutoSuggestion
  • Handling Dropdown List
  • Handling File upload using Sikuli/Auto IT/Robot Class/Sendkeys
  • Handling Drag and Drop in Selenium
  • Handling Mouse Hover,Keyword Events using Action class
  • Synchronization using webdriver(Waits)
  • How to take screenshot using selenium
  • How to Take Multiple Screenshots
  • How to capture Error message using webdriver
  • Handling Multiple windows
  • Handling Alert Messages.
  • Handling IFrames.
  • Cross Browsing using selenium and challenges with IE browser
  • Wait Commands (Implicit, Explicit, Pageload, Script)
  • Complete details of Dynamic XPath in Selenium
  • How to download files in Selenium Webdriver
  • Assertions and Verifications
  • TestNGFrameWork
  • Introduction of TestNG
  • TestNgvsJunit
  • Configure Eclipse with Selenium and TestNG
  • New- Installation of TestNG
  • TestNg Annotations and its Execution order.
  • Grouping the Test Scrpts and run through xml
  • Parallel test execution
  • Exception verification
  • Setting priorities to test
  • Dependencies between the test
  • Dependencies between the group
  • Including and excluding test through the script and by using xml
  • Executing only failed test
  • ITest Listeners in TestNG
  • TestNg Reports and Creating customized report in TestNG
  • Capturing screenshots in TestNG
  • Parameterization in TestNG-DataProvider
  • Dataprovider in TestNG
  • parallel Test execution.
  • Handling xml File
  • TestNG-Maven Integration
  • What is Page Object Model
  • When and Why to use POM
  • Examples to POM
  • How to implement POM
  • What is PageFactory
  • Difference between POM and PageFactory
  • POM using Page Factory
  • @FinfBy annotation
  • @CatcheLookUp annotation
  • Test Cases with Page Factory
  • Sample Examples for POM.
  • Maven Overview
  • Maven
  • Maven Origins
  • What Maven Provide?
  • Ant vs Maven
  • Maven’s project object model(POM)
  • Maven’s Benefits
  • Maven Environment SetUp
  • Add Maven bin directory location to system path and verify Maven installation
  • Importing the maven project into eclipse
  • Maven Repositories and its structure
  • Building POM.xml to configure Selenium and TestNG
  • Building POM.xml to configure Selenium and TestNG
  • Dependencies in Maven.
  • Maven compiler dependency and Build plugIn
  • Creating and executing Maven project through CMD.
  • Creating and Execution of .bat files.
  • Maven integration with Jenkins
  • Jenkins
  • What is Continuous Integration
  • What is Jenkins and how it helps in CI
  • Downloading and installing Jenkins
  • Executing simple batch commands
  • Scheduling time for test execution.
  • Executing Selenium Project builds with ANT
  • Build Triggers
  • Mailing if build fails
  • Configuring/Scheduling Maven Project in Jenkins
  • Report generation
  • XSLT Report Generation
  • Extent Report Generation
  • JMeter for Performance testing ]
  • Thread Group
  • Sampler
  • Listeners
  • Reports
  • Webdriver configuration
  • Database testing

Many students search for best institute for Software Testing course and conclude I-Tech System is right choice from them. As I-Tech System provide Experienced and Professionally working faculty for Software Testing Course so students get perfect knowledge . Individual attention is another feature of our training. We also help in interview preparation, resume building and managing interviews. Our students are more than happy with the course. All students get best training so they also suggest other to join I-tech System for Software Testing Course.

Below are review of some of our students about Software Testing Course

It is one of the best institute in nasik, It was great experience with Itech, Great,supportive and knowlegable Teaching faculty. Great place to learn software Testing.

Mayuri Beldar

It is one of the best institute in Nashik. Nice class and completed My Software Testing course successfully.

Kalyani Bhokare

I have just completed software testing & python programming course from this institute & it was a very good experience. Thank you to I Tech System, Nashik!

Harshal Chaudhari

Well experience staff and easily clear all concepts about software testing course and all equipment are available for practice and one of the best institute in nashik

Rohan kapadnis

If you wish to learn Automation Testing(webdriver) with hands on experience. Then it is a best institute from the nashik because they provides best facility like individual attention & more practices on a course.

abhijeet khanzode